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Lifts & Pistes

  • Mountain Status

  • Operations Update:

    On the bright side we still have reasonable snow cover on the Coire Cas, although we are having to move the get off ramp further down from the top. Ptarmigan Bow is still in good nick and the machines will work tomorrow to keep the up track going. On the gloomier side the snow is thawing quickly now, with warm winds and rain showers. The Ciste tow is now closed, and the entrances to the White Lady are now broken. Forecast for the next few days is for continuing mild weather and rain. We are reviewing things on a daily basis, but at the moment it looks like we will close for skiing after Sunday. We will make an early call next week, on the prospects for any snowsports for the bank holiday weekend. Updates tomorrow from 8.30am Cheers Ops 1
  • Snow Level:

    Good cover to mid station.
  • Vertical Runs:

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You can still purchase your season pass for the 2013/14 season. Day Ticket prices are also available.

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Funicular Railway

The Funicular Railway takes visitors to the Top Station, where they can enjoy panoramic views from over 3,500ft.