One of Scotland's Top 10 Visitor Attractions and home to the UK's highest Funicular Railway!

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Camera Obscura

When you come and visit us at CairnGorm Mountain our Camera Obscura is well worth a visit, especially on a clear day.


If you’ve never heard of a camera obscura before, then the concept is quite simple – it’s basically a more complex version of a pinhole camera. It is a darkened box with a convex lens or aperture that projects an external object on to a screen inside. Most camera obscuras are set up to view a surrounding landscape and can create particularly dramatic scenes.

The camera obscura at CairnGorm Mountain is open during the summer months with free entry and is a key feature of the mountain arts project, ‘Reading a Landscape’. It stands at 635m above sea level in its own distinctive black timber building at the top of the Mountain Garden close by the funicular railway track, a few metres’ walk from the base station.

Since 2004 the Cairngorm Mountain Trust has worked with partners to develop an artist-led initiative that would enhance visitors’ understanding of the mountain landscape. Now ‘The Dark Room’ camera obscura rotates slowly projecting a 360⁰ real-time view of the surrounding landscape onto a table before your eyes. It is one of only a handful of such cameras in Scotland, the best known being at the Outlook Tower on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

Funicular Railway

Take a spectacular journey on the UK’s highest funicular railway for views at over 3500 feet.

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Snow School

Learn the slopes at our on-site Snow School, where we can offer inclusive packages on-site that include ski passes, equipment hire and lessons all in the one place!

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