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Fencing and Reinstatement of Uptrack: 26th July

Another week at CairnGorm Mountain brings another list of improvements and nurturing of our beautiful mountain terrain. Much of our CPT uptrack has been reinstated after maintenance works, alongside some brilliant new fencing being laid along the West Wall Poma and West Wall Uptrack. In the Cas Gantry area, there’s been a focus on re-profiling the old bulldozed banks that hail from the 60’s ad 70’s, with great success. Check out our team photos below for another behind-the-scenes look at CairnGorm Mountain life…


Reinstatement of the CPT uptrack

Reinstatement of the CPT Uptrack

Reinstatement of the CPT Uptrack


The reinstatement of the Cas Gantry area and reprofiling of old bulldozed banks from the 60’s and 70’s


Old fencing dismantled, stacked, ready for uplift by piste machine in the winter

Our team are also working tirelessly, removing the rickety old fencing and bundling it up ready for winter – keep up the great work guys!

PicMonkey Image3

New fencing on the West Wall Uptrack

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