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Fencing Update: 26th August

Despite the best attempts of the ferocious midges, the fencing team have been making some excellent progress on the M2 and West Wall areas. The boys have been digging in many of the posts by hand on the steeper sections of the West Wall Poma uptrack, while we have used the post-driving tractor to drive in the posts on the skiers left of the M2. The post driving unit is now nearing the bottom of the M2 run, just above the top of the Day Lodge Poma. Once all of these posts are in place the team will then start nailing on the rails. This new fence will hopefully prolong the winter season, by improving access to the West Wall Poma and back to the Day Lodge. These works are running on schedule and are expected to be completed prior to the start of the the 2016/17 season.


Below you can see fencer Doogs nailing on the railings at the West Wall Poma Uptrack, accompanied by a his rather enthusiastic assistant, Druie. Below on the right, you can see the post-driving unit in action on the M2.



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