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Funicular Railway Maintenance

Between the 4th June – 4th July, our Funicular Railway has been undergoing some essential maintenance on the main drive wheel. Our team have been busy working away behind-the-scenes, so we decided to take a sneak peek and share some of their exciting updates with you below…

Removal of Auxilliary back up drive from drive wheel

Auxilliary gearbox drive in green. Main Gear box moved 2 metres to allow access to main drive wheel coupling and bearings. Suspended on lifting frames built and installed during last winter.

2x Yellow gear box couplings, Each half weighs 700kgs.

Plastic bin used to contain dry ice at -70C cooling drive shaft to reduce size.

Freezing steel shaft down to -7C.

Steel shaft.

Copper plate heating to 100C, Brand new bearing heated. Ice on drive shaft.

Drive wheel under suspension onto lifting frame installed and prepared in overnight operations during skiing season last winter. Moving heated new bearing into position for fitting onto drive wheel axle.

Cooling axle – heating bearing.

Deflection wheels sit next to each other below the top platform separated by a 4mm gap in between. These wheels turn in opposite directions. The wheels were lifted individually suspended by a frame installed onto the departure area of the funicular platform above. Each wheel was lifted allowing enough room to access the wheel bearings.

Single deflection wheel 2 tonne lift. Double deflection wheel weighs 4 tonne.

lifting the individual deflector wheel allowing access to the bearings through the spokes of the double deflector wheel.




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