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New Fencing: 20th January

We have taken advantage of this mild spell, using snow cover we still have, to continue with our fencing plans and old fencing clear up operations. A lot of old fencing has been removed from the M2 and West Wall areas and also new fencing materials  put in location ready for this year’s fencing plan. – Ops1

The Winch Cat

The Winch Cat in action on the slopes of CairnGorm Mountain

Incredible sunrise views of the Winch Cat in action

Winch Cat in action removing and relocating fencing

The Winch Cat easily relocating old fencing

The Winch Cat

The steeper the better!

During The Removal Process

Storing of removed fencing from West Wall area prior to disposal from mountain

Storing of removed fencing from West Wall area prior to disposal from mountain

Relocating fencing materials ready for summer fencing programme

Office Perks

What an incredible view to work against, above the clouds it is truly spectacular!

Thank you to all the positive comments from our customers regarding our fencing operations and the appreciation of the effort and timescales involved. This project is going to take several seasons to deliver but the benefits for snow capture in the next 15 to 20 years will be vitally important.

Funicular Railway

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