One of Scotland's Top 10 Visitor Attractions and home to the UK's Highest Funicular Railway!

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Snowboard Levels

Level 1

Who: It’s your first time. You have never snowboarded before. Or you have tried it once, or maybe done a taster session and you just want to start again.

What to expect: Get to grips with the basics. You will learn how to strap in, move around on the flat, learn how to stand correctly on the board and how to brake on both edges. Once you have these basics in place you will move on to learning how to steer the board.

Goal: By the end of the session we hope you can slow down, stop and zig-zag left and right.

Level 2

Who: You have done some snowboarding before, perhaps completed the Level 1 or done a day or two elsewhere. You can slide to a stop on both edges, you can steer the board left and right and may have possibly tried turning.

What to expect: You will build on your current foundation, checking some fundamental skills are in place first. Then progress to perfecting your floating leaf and making your first turns. You may be introduced to the lifts if conditions permit.

Goal: By the end of the session we hope you have made your first turns!

Level 3

Who: You have started to make turn on your board but are struggling to link them together.

What to expect: You will start with a refresher of turning technique, working towards linking your turns smoothly on a green run. You will be introduced to the surface lifts.

Goal: By the end of the session we hope you feel comfortable on green runs and have started to consistently link turns.

Level 4

Who: You can snowboard confidently on green runs and may have been on a blue run when conditions were good. You are looking to further improve your technique and become a fully certified snowboarder!

What to expect:  You will be developing your steering ability and starting to experiment with the shape and size of your turns. Once comfortable you will venture on to blue runs and learn the techniques of riding steeper terrain.

Goal: To become more confident on a variety of terrain

Level 5

Who: You can snowboard on most runs, you are confident on blue and done a few reds and maybe even a black. You now want to explore more aspects of Snowboarding, such as the terrain park, off-piste, carving and riding variable conditions.

What to expect: At this level we only offer private lessons as they can be better geared to the need of the individual. For this reason you can expect 100% of the instructor’s time dedicated to you and your specific goals.

Goal: Whatever you want it to be.

Funicular Railway

Take a spectacular journey on the UK’s highest funicular railway for views at over 3500 feet.

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Guided Walks

Discover the flora and fauna of CairnGorm Mountain with our experienced Rangers, on one of our selected guided walks.

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