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Late Summer Update: 7th September

Burial of the new safety-circuit cabling is now well under way on the Coire na Ciste T-Bar. Having this cabling in place underground will greatly reduce the risk down of downtime during the winter season. Laying the cable underground means that the it will be more protected during the winter months. It will make it easier for the team to identify and fix any line faults that may occur during the winter season. Below you can see a digger starting work on the initial trench that that cable will go into. This ground will be fully reinstated once the entire cable is laid.


Below you can see the trenching and cable-laying works in progress. The team expect to complete these works by the end of September.


The project to replace the return station of the West Wall Poma is also now well underway. These works involve the removal of the old return station setup, and installation of a completely new hydraulic return station. The existing top two towers of the two are also being relocated as part of this process. This project will make the lift safer to maintain and operate in the winter and also reduce downtime when the infrastructure experiences heavily ice build-up (a frequent occurrence at the top of our mountain). Rather than simply replace the return station like for like, Natural Retreats are going to be taking advantage of this opportunity by extending the tow itself and therefore make it easier for skiers and boarders to access the Top Station from the West Wall Poma. Below you can that see Tower 17 has already been removed and laid down, ready for relocation.


The picture below, on the left-handside, shows work in progress excavating for new foundations and off-ramp at the site where the new return station shall be. The picture on the right hand-side shows the old station that has now already been removed.


There has also been a significant amount of work done this summer on the Car Park T-Bar. In the picture below you should be able to see the new lifting frames that have been installed to the top of each of the towers on the T-Bar. Again, the reason for these installations is to significantly reduce the lift downtime during the winter season. One of the main reasons for operational downtime on any T-Bar is derailment. This can be either due to windy conditions or customer mishaps. Historically, this has taken the team time to rectify, especially in wintry conditions. The installation of these new lifting frames will significantly reduce the time in which the haul-rope can be replaced and therefore ensure that the tow is able to run for longer during the winter season.

PermamnentLifting frames installed to Car Park T bar towers will mean more efficient and safer maintenance and less downtime after derailments

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